Pen drive is damaged, how to recover data?

Pen drive is damaged, how to recover data?

Devices are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by. Due to technological advancements, computers exist at that palm of your hands. Storage has also become much more efficient. The power draw has reduced a lot from first-generation storage drives. More importantly, pen drives have become a common method of storage. These are miraculous devices because they can store a large amount of data and fit in your pocket.

Pen drives get damaged many times due to various reasons like dropping. Many people think that damage to pen drives is only physical damage. However, this is not true. Data corruption could also be a way of damaging pen drives. Your pen drive may look fine, and the hardware may be working properly. Even then, data corruption may be happening. Many people from across the world wonder how to recover data from pen drive. Pen drive recovery is doable though. Certain precautions and tips need to be followed while attempting it.

Here are some common reasons how and why pen drives get damaged?
  • Physical damage due to improper handling
  • Water or other liquids getting into the pen drive
  •  Short circuit of NAND gates or wiring faults
  •  Dead Drives (Power does not flow through them)
  • Mounting and Unmounting of the drive was not done properly
  • Master Boot Record contains invalid data
  • The drive is not readable or accessible

Don’t worry if your pen drive is damaged or not working. You may at present have the capacity to recuperate information from it. The question of how to recover data from pen drive is present in the minds of many. The first step is to find out whether the problem is due to a physical issue or a logical issue.

Below is the way that you can scan for logical issues on your pen drive:
  •          After inserting the USB, go to My Computer.
  •          Right, Click on the Removable Disk Icon.
  •          Go to Properties and then the Tools section.
  •          You will then find two options as checkboxes.
  •          Tick both of them and start the scan.

The method to repair logical issues on a pen drive is given below:
  •          After inserting the USB, go to My Computer.
  •          Right, Click on the Removable Disk Icon.
  •          Go to Properties and then the Tools section.
  •         You will find a “Rebuild” button; Click it.
  •          After the process is completed, safely eject the pen drive from the port.

There are many cases in which the above steps are not enough. Fear not – You can try using software to help you. With the help of software, you can recover data from Pen drive. It is also able to find formatted files or even inaccessible ones without any damage.

In case of physical damage to your pen drive, you still don’t need to worry. You can still recover your data. However, doing it yourself can be unsafe and may cause more damage. This is because the hardware fault needs to be fixed or replaced. In situations like this, it is better to seek the help of data recovery experts. Below are some common errors and the reason behind them.
  • In case of broken circuits (Connectors and Stems) or Dead Drives

Most of these would show you an error message after plugging in the pen drive. If the circuit board is not proper or the connectors are broken, no power reaches the USB. The only way to fix it is by repairing and soldering the circuit. However, this is unsafe to do unless you are trained in soldering. You may cause - more damage to the pen drive beyond recovery

  • In the case of NAND issues

Low-quality NAND gate materials may cause these issues in pen drives. Usage cycles also cause NAND gate memory to weaken. The more you read and write from the pen drive, the more fragile the NAND gates become.

There are many cases where none of the above methods works. Don’t worry if your problem is like this. You can avail the help of experts in data recovery. Stellar is one of the top data recovery companies. The experts at Stellar would have decades of experience under their belts.

In conclusion, do not worry if your pen drive is damaged. Whether it is physical damage or data corruption, you could recover your data. Depending on the type of damage there are many ways to recover data. If you are not able to recover data by using data recovery software, you can contact Stellar data care.

Stellar is an industry leader when it comes to data recovery services. It operates in many countries throughout the world. It also has 15 branches across India. Stellar has a 25-year legacy to uphold. Over 100 + R&D experts work to develop the world’s largest portfolio of data recovery software. It is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data Recovery Company. Stellar only provides Class 100 Clean Room Facilities. It also offers 100% data confidentiality and data security. Stellar employs over 400 experts in the field of data recovery.

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