Windows 10 Backup Not Working? Focus on 2 Cases to Get Solutions!

Nowadays PC backup is very important since data loss and system breakdown always happens unexpectedly due to hard drive failure, virus attack, mistaken operation, and so forth. With a backup, users can restore lost or corrupted files and restore the system to a previous state.

For Windows 10 users, they may choose to use the Windows built-in backup utilities including File History or Backup and Restore to back up files and create a system image. However, some users report Windows Backup not working.

In this post, lets see two cases: Windows 10 File History not working, Windows Backup and Restore failed. And the corresponding solutions will be given here.

Solutions to Windows 10 Backup Stops Working

Case 1: Windows 10 File History Not Working

If users are troubled by Windows 10 file backup not working, what should they do to get rid of trouble? Here are some possible solutions.

Way 1: Enable File History Service & Windows Search

One of the possible reasons for this issue is that the Startup Type is unable to be triggered automatically. Thus, users can manually start the service and try to back up files again with Windows 10 File History.

Step 1: Input services.msc in the Run dialogue after pressing Windows log and R key simultaneously and click OK button to open Services window.
Step 2: Locate File History Service and Windows Search, double-click on them and modify their Startup type to Automatic.

Way 2: Disable System Protection and Re-enable It

To fix Windows File History not working issue, some users recommend disabling system protection and then re-enable it. Just go to Control Panel, find System and Security, click System and choose System protection. Then, choose C partition, click on the Configure button. Then, disable system protection. Next, enable it again.

Way 3: Delete Configuration Files

If Windows 10 File History is not running automatically or stopped working, how to fix the issue? Users can choose to stop File History, and then go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory\Configuration to delete its configuration files. Then, restart File History to use the same backup drive as before for file backup.

Case 2: Windows Backup and Restore Not Working

In addition to Windows file backup not working, some users say they fail to create a system image or backup up files with an error message like Windows Backup did not complete successfully.

How to fix Windows 10 Backup failed issue? Here are some possible solutions.

Way 1: Run Antivirus Program

Viruses may attack file and cause files to get corrupted. As a result, Windows cannot find the target files, or it simply skips some files, leading to Windows Backup did not complete successfully issue.

Therefore, please use antivirus software to run a full scan of the PC and remove viruses from both source and target disk. Next, try to back up once again.

Way 2: Manually Delete Old Backups

If there are old backups, they may cause an interruption of the backup utility. Thus, remove some backup files to another drive or delete them directly.

Way 3: Check Disk Errors

Run Command Prompt, input chkdsk /f /r command lines to detect and fix disk errors. Then, check whether Windows Backup not working issue is solved.

Right now, the ways are told here but we dont introduce detailed steps. To learn more information, users can read this post - Windows 10 Backup Not Working? Solutions Are Here! (2 Cases).

Suggestion: Use Professional Backup Software for Windows 10

In addition to the above error, users may meet different backup issues when backing up files or Windows OS with the built-in backup tools, which is an annoying thing. And fix is very troublesome for most users. Thus, in order to back up files and system easily, we suggest using a third-party program.

Here, users can choose to use MiniTool ShadowMaker, a piece of professional and reliable Windows backup software, enabling they to create a system image, back up files, disk or partition with simple clicks. Besides, it can clone disk for disk upgrade or backup and sync files to other location. Moreover, automatical backup, incremental and different backup are also supported.

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