Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wi-Fi Router

choosing best wifi router

Needless to say, the Internet has great importance and value in our life. Nothing seems possible without it. To make sure your important tasks are handled properly or for your entertainment purpose, you need an internet connection.

But this is only possible when you have a wireless router that gives you the best speed. To ensure this make sure you have the best of Wi-Fi networks according to your needs.

Let's dig into this blog and get to know about choosing the best Wi-Fi routers.

Get to know your internet speed

You can get to know about this by contacting your internet service provider.

Research for internet service providers

Have a look for ISP. They can better guide you to have something even better than your previous devices.

Know Your Budget

Limit search according to your budget will help you sort things in a better way. But make sure to have a flexible budget as the router with a high budget may also give increased performance.

Determine the range you want your Wi-Fi router to cover

If you are working in a small area then low Wi-Fi connections will be required but if you are working in the area where there are several floors you require many Wi-Fi routers of same space planned at each floor with the same network.

Get to know each device that your router will support

Figure out how many and what all devices will be connected to the router. This will make the work easy to choose for the best router according to the usage of devices. As high internet demanding work will need high bandwidth operations and vice versa and strong router connections and vice versa.

Figure out what is important in router speed and range

Choose your router according to the top speed of your internet connections. Also, keep in mind the advertised speed (taken together with the combination of all router's band speed), ceiling speed (Highest speed for your device to use the internet), router range (for receiving a serviceable signal).

Search for router's in "N" and "AC" categories

 According to international Wi-Fi standards, every router has "802.11" as numerical classification. The number followed by the letters tells the version it belongs to and the top speed of the router. For the best performance buy the router with AC slammed against its number. It gives both the latest version and top speed of the router.

Make sure to have WPA2 security to your WIFI

The best security solution for your device can be WPA2. As this is the most recent security network. If your Wi-Fi has AC designation then WPA2 is the type of security it will automatically hold for. If your router packaging lack any information about WPA2 certification call customer care executive for router support security system.

Be specific while researching for your router

Perform research on your selected router model by reading customer feedbacks online, go through the usage reports and seek for the reviews. To best understand the performance of your selected product. Focus on the bad reviews as they can best describe the flaws the model can face in the near future. But if good reviews take over the bad ones go for it.

Lastly, have a word with the customer service

Use your 100% research here by visiting the physical store and asking a technical person to sort things out for you. They will guide you the best in every possible way by disclosing each and every important information about the router. Ask for the return rates. If it is lower in number then it is a good router. If you opt to purchase online, then buy from "best buy" that holds for the same products as eBay and Amazon but provides a customer support team to ask for the functioning of the router.

Once you have picked the router that suits your needs, you can name it to anything you want. Choose best and funny Wi-Fi names that can make your neighbors laugh every time they discover your network. If you are looking for Wi-Fi names for every mood and occasion, check out this website.

Hope, this will help you to find the greatest of all routers and simplify your internet surfing needs as this post talks about all the requirements one should keep in mind while picking the best of Wi-Fi routers.

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  1. WPA2 offers a much stronger encryption service by using AES or Advanced Encryption Standard. wireless internet router