5 Things You Should Look Out Before Buying A Smart Phone

Many people stuck when they are buying a new smartphone. It happens because people often don't know what to look for in a smartphone before considering to buy it.

Although I have seen a lot of people blindly falling for brands without looking out for these 5 things one should look out before buying a smartphone and then later regretting it.

A smartphone should be able to do things you expected and moreover provide with the premium feel in hands. Therefore, I am here with the list of 5 such things you should consider before buying a smartphone.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

Clearly, there are a lot of companies lying around offering various specification and promoting their devices in their own ways, promising a lot of stuff that actually makes you wonder and think a lot before buying a smartphone.

List of 5 Things One Should Look Out Before Buying A Smartphone

#1 Operating System

Well, many of them out there are confused while buying smartphones. There is almost a huge war between the Operating System when it comes to making a decision buying a new smartphone. 

Is it the iOS or the Android? You ask yourself plenty of times.

To finally get rid of this thought, how about we discuss some things that make it pretty clear for you to choose Operating System from the two above.

Why You Should Go For iOS?
  • If you really care about privacy and security at the topmost level.
  • Top Notch Performance as software and hardware complement each other.
  • If you're not familiar with too many settings, you should consider iOS as it the easiest to use.
  • If you need updates which are available globally to all at one time.
  • If you hate bloatware

Why You Should Go For Android?
  • A great deal of adaptability accessible. Choose any device with the specifications of your choice.
  • Offers plenty of customization
  • Amazing multitasking feature
  • Universal Charger (Well, let's not include Type C Chargers)
By now you should be able to decide which one is for you exactly. It's a tough decision if you don't know your priorities.

#2 Battery Life & Fast Charging

No matter how you use your smartphone either you're a moderate user, heavy user or just use casually to call or check emails.

Everyone's top priority is battery life. Especially in 2019, due to the rise of many games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, etc leads to choosing phones with large battery capacity.

Battery Capacity is an essential specification when it comes to buying a smartphone. Despite it depends on your usage, you should go for a battery capacity of over 3,000 mAH to get a whole day power. 

The bonus can be an extra specification that is fast charging. Fast charging is spreading into the market like hot pancakes. Every smartphone manufacturers are switching to type C cables for faster charging. This is really great when you're a busy and heavy user.

Batteries are delicate and also need care especially if you plan to use your smartphone for the next two years. All smartphone manufacturers are one by one switching to pack the batteries inside due to trendy glass backs or due to waterproofing. The only drawback to it is that you won't be able to swap batteries when they lose capacity.

Some people usually carry around the cable to charge their smartphones with PC/Laptop but the drawback is that it charges very slowly opposed to charging with an adapter. If you happen to be one of them then this simple smartphone quick charge hack can come handy.

#3 Display

The another most important thing to consider in a smartphone. According to comScore, American Adult smartphone users spend an average of 73.8 hours a month that is 2.5 hours a day. That is normal.

Display if bigger and sharper then they can reduce eye strain. When it comes to displays, personally I would always go for AMOLED displays over LCDs. If you love dark blacks then you should be choosing AMOLED displays too.

However, if you stream videos on your smartphone like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. then you should choose smartphones with a display of 5.5" to 6.0" and nothing less than that.

#4 Camera

A smartphone with a boring and sluggish camera is a big NO.  In this Instagram era, everyone needs a smartphone that captures the beauty out of you. If you're really a photoholic then you should clearly invest money on the smartphone that offers amazing camera specifications.

A smartphone should be able to give you,
  • Higher Resolution Shooter
  • Amazing Low Light Pictures (Smaller Aperture f/1.7 to f/1.9)
  • Depth Sensor (Bonus for Portraits or Background blur)
In my personal opinion, if you're the one who needs a smartphone with the amazing quality camera in the whole market then I suggest you go for Huawei P30 Pro. You can look at our review.

#5 Design & Built Quality

I know this stays at the bottom of the list. But, you should always check for it before buying a smartphone. Remember iPhone 6 Plus being a premium flagship device but bends so easily?

That's why you should check the smartphone durability before buying. You can check it out on YouTube where many creators test smartphone including JerryRigEverything and TechRax. 

This gives you an idea of how durable and premium built the smartphone is depending on your usage. Although you shouldn't be careless with smartphone but accident happens, therefore, you should always check for built quality before buying.

Design can be a crucial part too. Many manufacturers although design very precisely yet many smartphones out there can be slippery due to their design. If you do not case fan then you should clearly stay away from those smartphones designs.

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