What is SEO?

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the way of ranking your website on Google. Google follows an algorithm and displays the website with quality content at the top. This is done by SEO. Crawler keeps searching for every web page that is created and other pages that are linked to it. A search engine will rank your website at the 1st position when you have high-quality content with good keyword ranking, and links coming from other sites(backlinks). Now the main question is what are these terms- keyword ranking, backlinks, and how it is done?

First of all let me explain to you what are keywords, and how it is beneficial for SEO

Let me give you a straight example-

Many times you might have searched for any topic on Google. For example-you searched- "Best SEO companies". Google will show you all the articles, links related to your searched term. This searched term "Best SEO company" is a keyword under which all the websites related to it are ranked.
There are many other websites which are set under a particular keyword and many websites might be using the same keyword. So how does Google rank a particular website?

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When an article is written and set under a keyword. Google send some traffic to that website and examine the stay time of the traffic. More the stay time, higher the ranking.


Backlinks are also a part of Seo. Links coming from one website to another are called backlinks. Google ranks the website with backlinks from website with good traffic. Google ignores the backlinks with a different niche. For example- if a health website links to technology website. Google will ignore it. But if a health website links to another health website Google will rank it. General way of earning backlinks is guest posting. One can guest post on a blog in exchange of their backlinks. Most people purchase backlinks from other well known blog, but it is considered to be illegal by Google.

Directory submission:-

Directory submissions are pretty popular these days. You will get many of the popular directory submission website on a single Google search. You can get different categories of directories for different niches, both paid and free. The only difference between them is- free take some time in approving your blog, while paid approve your blog in a second as your fill out the form. Recently, directory submissions have been marked as a major factor that can affect your blog’s ranking.

Social media:

This is not a new term for you all. All of you might have used Facebook, and yes it really helps in attracting traffic to your blog. You might have seen various post on your newsfeed with links leading to different website, well all these are the methods to increase the traffic and the ranking of a blog. There are two methods to increase the traffic of your blog- paid promotion, and free posting. Paid promotion are generally sponsored post and anybody based on your selected audience can see them, while free post are the ones which only your friends can see.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you like it. Stay connected for more information. Comments will be highly appreciated.

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