Importance of Xamarin in App Development

Importance of Xamarin in App Development 

If you want to build an app, there is always a question, Android or iOS? In recent days, most companies are facing difficulties in supporting their applications on multiple platforms, since most of the mobile users are on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and windows. But creating so many different apps is time-consuming, expensive and it takes a lot of engineering effort unless you are using Xamarin. Xamarin is a whole ecosystem of tools that helps you create apps for all platforms with a single technology stack, C# language which runs on Dot net framework.

We need only three components to create apps for all operating systems, c#, .net, and visual studio with installed Xamarin.

You also have several options for debugging whether from the desktop, emulator or directly on a device. Xamarin apps also possess an unmatched performance level compared to hybrid or other cross-platform development tools.

Xamarin is an open source software that comes gratis with Microsofts development environment Visual Studio. Xamarin apps, when built for different operating systems, share all business logic, database access, and network communication. Only the user interface is designed separately in Xamarin to maintain the native look and feel of each platform. However, choosing the best Xamarin development company in India is just as important as choosing the right platform for app development. Go through the following points to know the importance of Xamarin in app development.

Why Choose Xamarin App Development

High performance

                    Xamarin beat usual languages by its speed since Xamarins code is compiled into native code for each platform using their tools rather than being interpreted.

Faster development speed

    When we want to develop, test and deploy mobile applications quickly across Android, iOS, and Windows, Xamarin app development is the best choice.

    Development teams can eliminate the usual challenges that are faced in development lifecycles such as multiple code bases, slower, longer development and testing cycles and quality issues.

    Developers can share complex UI codes between different platform apps and save a lot of time since code sharing is supported in Xamarin.

Xamarin uses C#

    Xamarin is an ideal choice for cross-platform development since it uses  C# as the programming language. For cross-platform app development, Xamarin uses native libraries wrapped in the .Net layer.

    Xamarin is very beginner friendly because of its simplified syntax. Developers will always get good assistance from Microsoft’s Dot NET framework. The program which is developed in Xamarin will have fewer errors because of the type-safety feature of the language.

    Developers can leverage the power of strongly typed language,  asynchronous programming, and language integrated queries (LINQ) since Xamarin uses the modern, single and general purpose approach of C# object-oriented programming language.

Xamarin is more futuristic 

    Developers can build more innovative mobile apps since the platform supports the latest mobile devices. Xamarin also supports futuristic devices such as wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets. Developers can build apps for these devices by combining Xamarin Studio, and GDK and Android SDK.

Xamarin is easy to test

    We can immediately test our Android and iOS apps with the help of Xamarin Test Cloud.

    Xamarin Test Cloud can be tested on many devices at once, offering continuous integration, object-based UI testing and test for fragmentation.

    As far as debugging of applications is concerned, it can be debugged straight from the desktop or on devices and emulators. Visual Studio will connect to the iOS storyboard designer and iOS simulator if we are building iOS apps on windows. Debugging is always run via Visual Studio.

Xamarin provides a native feel

    Xamarin provides native design and performance for every application and has full access to native APIs and toolkits used on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

    Applications developed by Xamarin have a native look and feel. This is achieved by two methods, the easier, quicker, and the more contained way is using Xamarin Forms. Xamarin form is a library of templates that helps you use standard interface elements.

Xamarin uses Visual Studio as its IDE

     Xamarin developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio as their development environment, hence we can eliminate the need to switch between different environments.

     Developers can frequently get the latest update available while Working with Xamarin in Visual Studio so that we can update our app and keep it up to date.

    The easy integration of the Software Development Kit (SDK)  with Xamarin is a good feature of this platform.

    Xamarin has access to numerous libraries such as String, Database, Specialization, XML,  network support, and IO.

From the points mentioned above, you may have got a clear idea about the importance of Xamarin in App Development and how it makes app development more accessible to businesses. Cross-platform mobile development has become quite easy with the advent of Xamarin. Not many small and midsize businesses have separate development teams for both iOS and Android. With Xamarin, you can enter the market on a low budget with a small team of in-house or software outsourcing company in India.

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