Convert MSG file to HTML

Convert MSG file to HTML
MSG was initially intended for the Microsoft Exchange mail document. All Microsoft infrastructure solutions use this format extensively. MSG files consist of the primary body of messages, calendars, contacts, and reminders, organized in a hierarchical directory structure and supported by MAPI (Microsoft Messaging Application Programming Interface).

Web websites are predominantly labeled in HTML, followed by browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It offers a means of describing the composition of text-based data in a document by denoting certain text as headings, paragraphs, connections, etc. and adding interactive forms, integrated pictures, and other items to that text.

This article mainly focuses on how to convert MSG Files to HTML.

The tool converts messages from MSG to HTML documents from Outlook. When dragging and dropping emails to Windows folders or saving messages, Outlook utilizes the MSG format. This is a native Outlook format that can be used to migrate, back up mail, or migrate email from Outlook to another computer. Use any web browser to convert your MSG message files to HTML to view the emails. The attachments will be saved in a distinct directory afterward.

Key utility advantages:

    1. Convert MSG to HTML Outlook emails, maintaining the initial structure of the folder.
    2. Save all attachments, including hidden and inline attachments, to a separate folder.
    3. Save attached emails to individual MSG files and other integrated Outlook products. Store information from the receiver and sender from MSG to HTML files.
    4. Save attached emails to individual MSG files and other integrated Outlook products.
    5. Store data from the receiver and sender from MSG to HTML documents.
    6. Converts MSG files to HTML in a safe manner, if needed renaming or skipping current files.
    7. The application on the command line allows converting batch messages from MSG to HTML files.

Command-line support enables you to use the utility as part of command documents, scripts, and other scripts as well. The command-line app is useful to transform MSG emails through a timetable in Windows Task Scheduler to HTML format, or to transform many files on various pcs at once with complicated folder structures.

How to export MSG to HTML?

    1. A shift to the mail view, open the mail folder that contains the email you're going to save as an HTML file and then click to highlight the mail list.

    2. Click on File then save as option.

    3. In the Save As dialog box, please:
(1) Specify the destination folder in which the new HTML file will be saved;
(2) the new HTML file will automatically be named with the subject of the email. Rename it as needed in the File name box;
(3) Select the Save HTML as the drop-down list type.

    4. Click on the Save button.

    5. And now you have already saved/exported the selected email as an HTML file.

Save or Export Multiple Emails As HTML Files In Outlook

If you have Outlook Kutools installed, you can readily save various chosen emails as individual HTML documents in Outlook using Save as a File function. Please do the following thing:

    1. Select various emails that you save as HTML documents, and click Kutools-->Save as File.

    2. In the Save Messages dialog box as other files, please (1) click the Browse button to specify the destination folder that the HTML files will be saved, (2) only check the HTML format option in the Save file format section, and then (3) click the OK button.

    3. You will now see that each email chosen is exported as an individual HTML file and saved in the target directory indicated.

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All the methods to convert MSG to HTML explained above with the steps and there is one another method is explained above about the MSG Converter. I recommended you to use this software for the best results to solve the issue in time.

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