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Top Music Apps 2019 - Catchmyblogs

Music has become digital during the first half of the 21st century. If you’re a millennial or any music lover who has adapted to the times, you’re going to need to stream your music. Streaming music apps will appear identical to each other, at least to the uninformed. You need to know the subtle differences among music apps. Here’s a list of the top music apps 2019 has offered you so far:


Known as the king of streaming music, Spotify has a reputation that precedes it. It has over 83 million subscribers. Thus, it makes 36% of the entire music fan world happy. Despite all-time lows in their stock market performance, Spotify is still the number one app when it comes to streaming music. Spotify may actually have some weak spots such as some difficulty in sharing music and low payouts for artists. However, it has a number of pros that the paid version can offer:
  1. Over 30 million tracks
  2. Includes all genre of music and concerts
  3. Multifunctional free version despite the ads
  4. Excellent for discovering music
  5. Easy monitoring of listening preferences
  6. Custom-built playlists
  7. Simple and easy-to-use interface
  8. State-of-the-art playlist features


Soundcloud is similar to YouTube. People call it the YouTube of the audio world. It's where everyone uploads their own music and podcasts. Soundcloud offers various opportunities for indie artists who want to get their music to the public. It’s also excellent for any budding musicians who are still trying to build their fanbase.
As one of the top music apps 2019 has ever offered the world of music lovers, Soundcloud has many advantages. It provides music that is extremely easy to share and upload. It has more than 175 million active users monthly. Plus, it’s free to listen to it and to upload your own songs. There may be limits in uploading songs. There may be a 3-hour song time limit if you’re using the free version. Nonetheless, Soundcloud is proud of its robust analytics.

3.Apple Music

Apple Music comes next right behind Spotify when it comes to the population of its paid streaming subscribers. Launched in 2015, Apple Music came from Beats music. In fact, it’s expected to surpass the records of Spotify by the beginning of 2020. Apple Music boasts of its more than 30 million tracks ready for download. It has a three-month free trial period that beats all other short trial periods.  Also, it has high-quality programming. Most of all, it has easy integration with the Apple ecosystem. Also, not to mention, it pays artists higher when it comes to streaming services.

Some people may say that Apple Music does not have a free version. Others contend that it does not have a web player interface or some excellent music discovery features and options. There are also claims that Apple Music looks the same as Spotify. However, it’s taking the music industry nowadays because of its crystal-clear music quality that beats almost everything else.

4.Amazon Music (Prime & Unlimited)

Amazon Prime Music has an estimated two million tracks, while Amazon Music has more than 10 million. Amazon Prime Music is a part of the Amazon's Prime membership, which you will pay for $120 a year. Amazon Music becomes unlimited with a membership fee of $7.99 a month, and this one comes separately from Prime. Prime Music and Music Unlimited are specific aspects of the Amazon Echo, which is the smart speaker device of Amazon. Alexa can help you play your desired song anytime if you command it.

Another good thing about Amazon’s music apps is that they are free from ads. They also have offline listening options, which is ideal for plane travels. The apps have a web player that’s so easy to use. It also costs lower than Apple Music or Spotify subscriptions. However, some people say that the apps are no good because there’s no free version and the song library is limited. Also, they think that the Amazon music apps have limited options in discovering music and favor Prime members more.


Pandora is a pioneer in the music streaming industry. It continues to sell music because of its unique music discovery features. It also has many various options to use for streaming unlimited music. Pandora is popular because it has a free version where ads don't bother users. It's one of the best apps for music discovery and has a very efficient way of classifying songs.

However, Pandora's free version will only allow you to choose stations but not songs. Also, the free version has a limited library for song choices. There are also 30-second-long ads in the free version, and this could annoy some users a lot. Moreover, Pandora may not be that indie-friendly, nor does it encourage user playlist creation.


Tidal has established itself as one of the best artist-friendly music apps since 2019. After Jay-Z bought Tidal, it has rocked the music streaming service industry because of its highest audio quality intended for Audiophiles. It has a great web player user interface. It also comes first when it comes to new releases by famous artists. It also pays artists up to three times as much as Spotify.

However, one problem with Tidal is that it has expensive offerings. For example, you have to pay $20 to get Tidal HiFi. Also, it has no free version, and it doesn't have an extensive music catalog. Some also say that Tidal pays artists late.

7.YouTube Music

YouTube music evolved from Google Music. Google Music became YouTube Red. Now, there’s another separate service called Google Play Music. However, everything has become YouTube Music. As one of the top music apps 2019 has introduced to the world of music lovers, YouTube Music has many things to offer. First, it only costs $9.99 to let you listen to all the music in the database without any ads. YouTube Music also gives you access to all songs and live performances on YouTube. It also has a unique and powerful recommendation feature embedded in your account. Plus, it’s easy to upload your own music into it.

Nonetheless, some users say that the interface is not as user-friendly as it is. Also, the free version has too many ads that play before every song or video. Another thing is that you need to pay if you want music in the background while you’re using your phone. Check out for more music updates.

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