How to recover deleted excel file? | Restoring the Excel Files

How to recover deleted excel file?

How to recover deleted excel file?

Losing a document on our system is a harrowing experience for most of us. This applies to files deleted by mistake, as well as the files you forgot to save, just before closing them in a hurry. Well, what is one supposed to do when such a situation arises? Is it safe to assume that your data is lost forever? Not necessarily.
The most common way of storing important data is in the form of charts or tables, usually in the form of excel sheets. You can always restore lost excel files through Windows backup, or from a previous version of the document that was auto-saved. While these steps are not too tough, they may require comprehensive guidance to follow through. 
We all have unsuccessfully tried simple steps like recovering from Recycle Bins and recent file options. But here are a few more things users can try in order to recover deleted excel file.

Restoring the Excel Files from Backup

Excel file recovery is possible from the drive or media on which the backup is saved, by following two simple steps. If this media or drive is available, it only takes two steps to recover deleted excel file from the backup.
Restoring the Excel Files

  1. Click on Start and choose ‘Backup and Restore’ in the ‘System and Maintenance’ tab from the Control Panel.
  2. Select ‘Restore my files’ and continue with the steps instructed by the wizard

Restoring Deleted Excel Files

If you merely wish to restore a deleted Excel file, there is a quick solution for this.
  1. Ongoing to ‘My Computer’, navigate to the folder which was host to the Excel file. Right click and select ‘Restore Previous Versions.’
  2. Choose the appropriate version from the available list and backup.
You can restore either the last saved version or the previous versions, depending on which one you require. You can even search for the folder using the name, or part of the name of the host folder in the search box in the 'Documents' library.
These are the basic attempts to carry out if you need to recover a deleted excel file. Even if none of these steps work, there is still hope. Stellar Windows Data Recovery is an all in one solution for any data loss situation.

Effective Excel File Recovery with the Stellar Data Recovery Software 

Stellar provides a DIY software that will no doubt bring your lost excel files back. It can be used in several situations. It simply requires 3 steps for data recovery: Select, Scan, and Recover. 
Excel file recovery is now possible at the comfort of your own home or office, with guaranteed results, with Stellar Windows data recovery software. It comes with a number of other features, such as:
1. A preview of lost excel files before recovery.
2. Selective File Recovery system, where you can opt for the excel files you wish to recover, for a faster, more selective process.
3. Support in multiple languages.
4. A simple Select, Scan, and Recover technique to recover deleted excel files.
6. Supports all storage media, from a large number of manufacturers, making it an effective solution.
With years of experience providing data recovery software, Stellar Windows Data Recovery has been declared PC Mag’s Editor’s choice and have satisfied customers in many countries around the world. They have high powered, quick and holistic data recovery software, with an extremely easy to use interface.
If your Excel file might be corrupted or missing some data. Stellar Repair for Excel, which has been awarded by Softpedia and CNET, is the best choice to get out of this difficulty, with the following advantages:
1. Easy repair of corrupted excel files.
2. Recover everything without a hassle.
3. Simple, easy to use interface.
4. Recover worksheets and their original properties.
5. Real time preview, and recommendations.

A Stellar Data Recovery Service 

If do it yourself approach doesn’t work out for you, or if you would prefer expert recovery services, you could always trust Stellar Data Recovery Services. Their expert services offer a free consultation, followed by a guarantee to deal with any data recovery needs. This ensures that you can easily recover deleted excel files.
The following are some of the reasons why to obtain Stellar Data Recovery service:
·         Recovering data since 1993
·         15 Branches across India
·         100 % Data Safety and Privacy Guaranteed
·         Free media pick up and drop facility
·         More than 3 Million Customers
·         No Recovery, No Charge*
So, the next time you find yourself in a data loss situation, you know who you need to reach out to!

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